Travelpro Luggage Reviews

When travelling, the right luggage is essential. A good luggage suitcase needs to be durable, able to with stand the bumps of busy environments, as well as the flights. It doesn’t matter whether its a short trip or a long, international journey, as the right piece of luggage will take care of all of your prized possessions regardless.

Travelpro Luggage (VIEW PRICE HERE!) is designed to meet the needs of the modern traveller, making it a very competitive product on today’s market. Here’s a closer look at what this suitcase has to offer.

Main Features

Travelpro-MaxliteFrom the design, it’s clear that practicality was a focal point throughout this suitcase. Many of the features help remove the stress and worry of travelling. Here’s a quick overview of this case’s most unique properties:

  • This case has a storage capacity of around 110 litres, approximately. In short, there are few trips where this case isn’t the only piece of luggage you need.
  • In terms of size, this case is 51.4 x 73.7 x 30.5 cm. Its slender profile is great for storing it in various compartments, and its overall size never becomes a problem while travelling.
  • At 4.2 kg, it’s a little heavy, but this is down to its size and its durability. It’s a small price to pay and its still easy to pick up and move.
  • The 4 spinner wheels, combined with the extendible handle, making moving rather easy.
  • The suitcase also has a number of additional storage compartments on the inside, as well as a generous, large front compartment.

Its all these features that make the Travelpro Luggage a go-to bag. At 110 litres, you could pack for a long flight or even pack a small family’s clothes all into just one suitcase. It has enough compartments and storage areas to meet most travelling needs, while the additional features simply offer extra value.


Using The Case

Despite it’s large weight and size, the extra features on this case help make travelling an easy and enjoyable experience. With 4 wheels and a comfortable handle, the weight of a fully loaded suitcase never comes into question. The 4 spinner wheels move in any direction, allowing for an ergonomic and comfortable experience.

Likewise, the various compartments are a big benefit. The front compartment is always useful, as it allows for the storage of important items – such as passports and travel documents – that will be needed throughout the trip. However, the internal compartments are still just as useful, allowing you to keep clothes in the main section, while the smaller zip lock areas can be used for toiletries, additional paperwork and other items you might want to keep separate. This makes accessing them once you arrive at your hotel or accommodation much more easier. It’s a small touch that makes a big difference, especially if you’re stressed out or tired from the flight.

Furthermore, the weight and thick material ensure that this case stands up to the various environments you encounter while travelling. It does what all excellent pieces of luggage should do – it keeps your items secure and safe.



If you’re looking to invest in a high quality suitcase, the Travelpro luggage is certainly worth considering. It packs a lot and yet it doesn’t let this weight hold it down, thanks to the spinner wheels and handle. It feels easy to use and doesn’t add any problems to your trip, which is exactly what any traveller wants.



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