Skyflite Luggage Write Up

Are you tired of your bags being battered and banged up by the time you reach your destination? Does unpacking make you cringe? A solid, hard-shell suitcase could be the answer to all your prayers, and the Skyflite Encore (learn more here!) is the ideal place to start! Combining function and aesthetic appeal, this case will take your travels from hassle-ridden and frustrating to carefree and easy, and it can be yours for a price that won’t stretch the purse strings.

Skyflite have formulated a hard-wearing and durable suitcase which will leave you wanting more after each trip you take. Get ready to have more confidence that your belongings will arrive in one piece and say goodbye to heavy lifting as the Encore is deceptively small and lightweight. Suitable for travellers of all ages, and with guaranteed smooth gliding, you won’t regret your decision to put this case to the test on your next flight!

Check out these fantastic features below, and see why the Skyflite Encore deserves its name:

  • Four wheels with 360° swivel capabilities enabling you to sweep effortlessly through the airport without scraping or dragging your case. Four wheels make for a gentler effect on the hands and arms and pulling your suitcase will be easier all round!
  • Even though the case is hard-shell, it is made from incredibly strong yet light materials meaning you get the added security without additional weight.
  • Each side is separated into distinct compartments, and the interior is lined with several different pockets and netting, making sure you have sufficient space and stability for all your items. You can further separate your toiletries using a hanging wash bag.
  • The telescopic trolley handle can be pushed into a recess in order to maximise cabin locker space and other storage areas.

With a subtly textured exterior, and sophisticated colour, you’ll be adventuring in simple elegance from departure to arrival. You can’t go wrong with such a classic design!


Features: 360° swivel wheels – Strong yet light materials – Compartments and interior pockets – Compact telescopic handle.

Pricing: Affordable





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