Samsonite Flylite Write Up

Is there a luggage brand more well-known and respected than the one and only Samsonite? After so many years in the luggage and travel industry, Samsonite (learn more here!) have created numerous impressive and effective designs, and this two-piece Flylite luggage set is no exception! Samsonite is truly a brand you can trust, and now with extra lightweight options, your travel itinerary just got a whole lot easier. Forget the days where dragging a heavy and bulky suitcase caused you stress and hassle, because those days are gone!

Imagine gliding through the airport, through crowds of hustling and bustling people, and feeling completely at ease and stress-free. Imagine all the heads turn to glance at you as you smoothly sweep up to the check-in desk looking like a professional traveller. If this is what you want, then these are the bags you need. It’s time for a luggage makeover!

This set by Samsonite boasts some incredible features which are listed here for you to consider:

  • Edgy geometric embossed design on a hard-shell cover for increased security and safety. Never again wonder if your fragile items have been smashed to bits in the hold of the plane.
  • Rubberised dual spinner wheels with 360° range of swivel motion, giving you the smoothest glide with the most control.
  • Rubber-lined comfort grip for an ergonomic handle which minimises risk of strain injuries and cramp.
  • Hardy telescopic handle which can be adjusted and extended to best suit your personal comfort.

Branded with the signature Samsonite logo, and sporting a bold yet calming teal exterior, this luggage set will not only give you a worry-free movement from destination to destination but will also allow you to do so in style. Personally, I don’t see a downside. Do you?


Features: Embossed hard-shell design – Rubberised dual spinner wheels – Rubber-lined comfort grip – Telescopic handle.

Pricing: Mid-range


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