Porsche Luggage Write Up

Do you consider yourself to be a savvy traveller and a jetsetter? Do you appreciate the finer things in life and a touch of luxury here and there? Do you pride yourself on looking dapper and fashionable? If you answered yes to any of these questions (or even if you didn’t) then the Porsche Roadster Hardcase Suitcase (learn more here!) is the piece of luggage for you. Amaze and impress with your impeccable taste, with a trolley case that exudes confidence and glamour.

Everyone knows about Porsche’s high-quality standards and stunning designs, and this is not only true of their cars. This suitcase upholds the Porsche brand name and places you in a league of your own on any journey, whether it be for business or pleasure. If you’re ready to splash out on a durable and fashionable case that will last you a lifetime, then there is no better option that this Porsche design.

If the Porsche name wasn’t enough to tempt you, these amazing features surely will:

  • Premium polycarbonate hard-shell case with geometric embossed design, to give you the perfect combination of security and style throughout your trip.
  • 91-100 litre capacity meaning you can easily fit in all the packing you require, and rest easy knowing nothing will be squashed or damaged.
  • Multiple interior pockets and discreet inner compartments, suitable for valuables and important documents. Each side of the case doubles as its own separate compartment so you can divide your belongings into two distinct sections.
  • Built-in high-grade combination lock to maximise the security of the case, and ensure your belongings reach your destination untouched.

Each component of this suitcase is made of high-quality materials and the overall result is durable, reliable, and impact-resistant. Feel like a celebrity when you strut your stuff with this gorgeous case in tow, and glide effortlessly thanks to the full range swivel motion of the four wheels. What are you waiting for?


Features: Premium polycarbonate hard-shell – 91-100 litre capacity – Interior pockets and compartments – Built-in lock.

Pricing: High-end


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