Orla Kiely Luggage Write Up

Are you tired of blending into the throngs of people traversing through airports all over the world every day? Are you getting sick of being just another person, just another number? Then make a change and make a splash with this funky, colourful design by Orla Kiely (learn more here!)! Who says bold, geometric prints are tacky and childish? With this case, you’ll be proving those people wrong and you’ll become the envy of other airport passers-by. Tempted?

Travelling should be fun and exciting, so why shouldn’t your luggage match the mood? Give yourself some credit, and venture into the unknown with stark floral patterns and crazy colours and let your creativity show! Of course, you don’t want to sacrifice substance for style, but fear not for this case is hardy and durable as well so you don’t have to compromise.

Here we’ve got some reasons why this suitcase is awesome. Why don’t you have a read and see what you think?

  • Telescopic extendable handle which can be adjusted to several different heights to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.
  • Lightweight, only 3kgs, meaning you can fill it up to maximum capacity without being too bogged down. Spend your weight on belongings rather than on the case itself.
  • Four wheels with 360° range of motion, enabling you to drag your case comfortably and smoothly either at an angel or directly upright.
  • Rubber binding along sides to contribute more support and durable transport so you can fly without worrying about your belongings getting smashed around and damaged.

Orla Kiely is renowned for her bold and colourful designs, and this case is one of her most popular. There is also a sleek leather card holder in the front of the case, above a large and spacious front pocket which is ideal for holding books and papers, and other things you might need immediate access to. Fun and functional, what more could you want?


Features: Telescopic extendable handle – Lightweight – 360° motion wheels – Protective rubber binding.

Pricing: Mid-range


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