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Mia Toro Spazzolatto Luggage Review 2017 – 2018

 Mia Toro Spazzolatto Bag Write Up

You might find that when you are travelling, or preparing for a trip, there are two main things you think about when it comes to packing: the first is “will my belongings be safe and secure throughout my whole trip?” and the second is “what does my luggage say about me?”.

If you’ve ever thought about these two questions, then this fantastic luggage set by Mia Toro (learn more here!) might be just the set you need! With three pieces of different sizes, you’ll have more than enough room for everything you need to pack without having to worry about going over your allowance.

The perfect combination of sleek, edgy style and brilliant functionality, the Mia Toro Spazzolatto Metallo set will be your new best travel companion. If you’re a fan of geometric designs and sharp lines, and favour hard shell luggage over soft, then these cases will fit into your vision seamlessly. Do you take pride in your travel attire and accessories? People will be able to tell when they see you pulling these beauties through the airport, that’s for sure!

What makes them so great? Let’s find out:

  • Sleek embossed design coupled with armoured corners offer supreme security and durability without compromising on fashion, you can travel in style and safety.
  • Lightweight flex composite for added convenience and sumptuous scratch-resistant micro-diamond finish.
  • Ergonomic gel handle grip for increased support and comfort, so even if you’re rushing from one terminal to another, you’ll be as comfortable as possible.
  • Adjustable telescopic handles to fit your height for maximum pulling comfort.

In addition to the above, each bag in the Mia Toro Spazzolatto Metallo luggage set also has four wheels which have a motion range of 360°, to minimise resistance and increase dragging smoothness. Treat yourself to some high-end Italian luxury, and never look back!


Features: Embossed design and armoured corners – Lightweight flex composite – Micro-diamond finish – Ergonomic gel handle grips – Telescopic handle.

Pricing: High-end


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