Luggage X Review

The Luggage X (VIEW PRICE HERE!) is a great suitcase for anyone looking for a hardshell case that is still light in terms of weight and design. If you’re planning any big trips, or are a frequent traveller, a hardshell case offers the durability you need. The Luggage X case has plenty to offer, so here’s an in-depth look into how it can benefit you on your travels.

Before we begin, it should be noted that this case also comes in other sizes, notably 77 cm and 56 cm variants, but for the purpose of this review we’re looking at the middle option, the 66 cm model.

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Main Features

Luggage-XAs a hardshell suitcase, the Luggage X is designed to protect your luggage and keep it safe. That said, it does manage to offer some other features that make the finished product a very tempting solution to your travel needs. Here’s a closer look at what it has to offer:

  • This case stores around 78.7 litres in terms of luggage. For a hardshell case, this is impressive, as they often tend to be quite small.
  • Speaking of size, at 66 x 47 x 31 cm, this is still a relatively small case that’s easy to store as a result.
  • The zip closure features a TSA lock, which is highly useful when travelling to and from the United States.
  • The hardshell is very durable and helps ensure your items are protected from severe knocks and bumps.
  • Despite being a hard shell, the case only weighs 3.7 kg, which is light enough to move with ease.
  • Movement is aided by 4 spinner wheels and an extendable handle.

As you can see, the design manages to provide a large, hardshell suitcase without adding on vast amounts of extra weight. The finished product has a lot of features, such as wheels, handles and a TSA lock, that are designed to make this case easy to use when entering or leaving airports.





Using The Luggage

Straight away, it’s easy to relax with this case. A quick inspection of the shell will reveal it is very thick and durable. This will survive tough bumps and scrapes, keeping its contents safe at the same time. With 78.7 litres of storage, this gives you plenty of room to pack your most valuable items and still have room for all of your clothes.

Of course weight is an issue, but the various travel features ensure this never comes into play. The 4 spinner wheels are perfectly placed to offer a variety of movement styles. If you drag the case behind you, it can use 2 wheels to move like a conventional case, or use all 4 to smoothly glide at your side. This extra versatility is useful, as you can simply grab the case and move as you as instinct dictates – the case simply adapts to you needs, rather than the other way around.



If you want to keep your items as safe as possible, but still want a case that’s light enough to pick and move around with ease, the Luggage X has you covered. It’s not nearly as light as it looks, but it certainly is sturdy. Similarly, with 4 wheels and an extendable handle, this extra weight or size doesn’t need to bother you either, helping to eliminate one stressful issue entirely. It’s little features like this that make the Luggage X a suitcase well worth picking up.









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