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Reviews Of The Best Lightest Luggage In UK

One of the big considerations with travelling on a plane is the weight of your luggage. You can be charged extra for going over the weight limit imposed by the airline. The savvy travellers have decided to change to lighter luggage so that they can pack more inside. This has developed an ever increasing range of lightweight luggage that is also very durable. This list features the top three lightweight suitcases you will find on the market.

Samsonite Suitcase Base Hits Review – Our Number 1

Samsonite Suitcase Base HitsThis suitcase comes from one of the biggest names in luggage manufacturing – Samsonite (VIEW PRICE HERE!). They have always tried to make strong and spacious cases, but the better quality and materials, does raise the price point. Let us take a look at some of the features.

  • The case is fitted with four wheels that spin around 360 degrees. This gives great manoeuvrability and means you don’t have to carry your case around with you.
  • The size of the case measures 77 centimetres High, 45 centimetres long and 32 centimetres wide. This is more than enough room for a weekend bag, or as part of larger luggage.Samsonite Suitcase Base Hits review
  • It is made from a very light polyester material with light but durable frame. These things together make an extremely strong case that doesn’t weight that much. This is great for those who want the extra capacity to bring back presents.
  • Fitted to the case is a TSA Lock that is a standard across most luggage. It means you have great security that is rapidly becoming a requirement across the world.

The Samsonite Suitcase Base Hits 77/28 is a well-made case that has a lot of nice features. There is a long manufacturer’s warranty that will give you the peace of mind that comes with a quality product.

Features: Four Wheels – 104 Litre Capacity – Only 998 Grams

Price: High-End



American Tourister – Bon Review – Number 2

American Tourister Suitcase Bon Air SpinnerThe American Tourister Suitcase is not only light and durable, but it is also very stylish. Although the capacity isn’t quite as big as the Samsonite, it is still a great case to take away for a short break. Let us see some of its features.

  • At just 998 grams, this case is very lightweight. It will be ideal for those who want to save some weight so that they can carry additional items or presents on the journey home.
  • The four corner wheels fitted means that you can glide your way around the airport with no fuss or lifting.
  • As with many cases, this product is fitted with a TSA Lock. This allows the zipper tabs to be securely fastened during transit. It also means that you will be compliant with many countries guidelines on secure baggage.
  • The Polypropylene material is tough yet flexible. It can also protect the contents from the weather or damage from other luggage.

This lovely American Tourister Suitcase is specially designed to be both durable yet incredibly light. It is also easy to transport thanks to the fitted wheels. This would make an ideal travel companion.

Features: TSA Lock – Polypropylene Design – Lightweight

Price: Mid-Range



Rock Impact Hard Shell Review – Number 3

Rock Impact Hard ShellThe third suitcase in our list is the Rock Impact Hard Shell. It is another well-designed case that is very portable and strong, yet light and easy to use. Let us see what other features this case has to offer.

  • The case is made to a high standard that is very durable and hard wearing. This means your journey won’t be spoiled by damage or loss of your belongings.
  • With four spinner wheels fitted one in each corner, you will have amazing manoeuvrability and control over your luggage. There won’t be any need to struggle holding the case either.
  • The light weight trolley system has an adjustable push button handle so you can quickly get moving. It is strong enough that it won’t bend or break under a heavy load.
  • There is a TSA Lock fitted as standard to this case. It makes your things very safe and secure. The case is also fully lined to protect your things while in transit.

Another great design for this product, it has all the features you would want from a case of this type. It is light, durable and fully lined for the maximum protection.

Features: Four Spinner Wheels – Lightweight Polypropylene Material – Telescopic Handle

Price: Affordable




The top spot in the list goes to the Samsonite Suitcase Base Hits 77/27. This case is made from high quality materials and has a strong TSA Lock system. The case is fully lined with securing straps to stop your things shifting around in transit. With all this, as well as a range of colours to choose from, the Samsonite Suitcase Base Hits is an all-round winner.



Luggage & Suitcase Buyers Guide

The world of luggage has changed dramatically over the past few years. Cases used to be very large and had metal hinges and clasps that expanded the more you put in them. The only problem with them was that they were very heavy just on their own, once you had put clothes etc. inside, they became impossible to move. They also didn’t have wheels, some people had a separate luggage trolley with tiny wheels that they used to use to move the large case about. Another problem with these cases, was that they often burst open because the clasps were not very strong. This led to many people buying luggage straps to wrap around the case to stop it opening. Now however, things are very different. There is a wide variety of well-made cases that are designed to be durable and more importantly, light.

Today, cases use a mixture of lightweight materials and aluminium frames to make tough and hard wearing products that weight a fraction of the old cases. This buying guide will show some of the features of these lightweight cases and the difference between types. It will also mention price ranges and what you can expect from designer brands.


Suitcase Materials

When it comes to the material that the cases are made from, there are a couple of types. There is a polyester and nylon composite that is both durable and repels water. This can be a good material to choose if you need the case to be flexible for storage etc. It is also strong enough that it won’t rip or tear when it is full.

The other type you can buy is a hard shell case. This is also light and uses ABS plastic to create a moulded hollow case. This also makes the case water resistant and is good protection from bumps and knocks that you can get on your travels. The only downside is that it is the same size empty and full, so it can be difficult to store when not being used.


Fastening The Luggage

The locks and fasteners used in modern cases are far more reliable than previous models. The locks are also far superior and less likely to fail.

One type of fastener is zippers. These are made from either strong plastic or metal and go round three sides of the case. They are very hard wearing and can withstand even a very full case without bursting. Many people like to have zippers because they feel more secure than a clasp. These cases often have additional compartments at the front of the case for items you might need to reach in a hurry. They also employ zippers in the same way and this is one of the advantages of the material type of case. The shell types tend to have multi-point fasteners instead.

The multi-point fastener is another way that you can keep the case closed securely. I typically uses three fasten points, one on the side and one at either end of the case. This is designed to keep the case closed securely and puts less strain on one clasp. These types often have a lock built-in to the clasp that toy can use to prevent the case being opened. As mentioned though, many prefer to have a zipper as it secures the lid all the way around the case.


Locks & Security

The lock is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a suitcase. Not only because of the safety and security of your things, but also because many countries now require people entering their country to have a secure suitcase.

You can buy cases that come with a pad lock, however this is often a very basic type and not very secure. If you have one of these, it is a good idea to invest in a more secure padlock. The lock typically passes through the ends of the zipper to prevent the zip being opened.

Another type that was mentioned earlier was the clasp lock. This lock is integrated into the clasp and is secured by a key. There are other types that use a combination style which can be easier because you won’t have to worry about losing the key. The locks on clasp cases usually vary in quality depending on the price of the suitcase.

One of the most secure types is the TSA Lock. This is quickly becoming standard on many suitcases and is also a requirement of some countries accepting tourists. The TSA Lock is an integrated lock that the ends of the zipper fasten into. It uses a combination instead of a key and is very secure. If you are considering a new suitcase, the TSA Lock should be a big consideration.


Wheels – Enhancing Suitcase Mobility

There is no doubt that the addition of wheels to suitcases has had a big effect on the design. It makes moving around with suitcases much easier and it negates the need for a luggage trolley in most cases. New suitcases have improved on the wheel design, the earlier ones had two wheels fairly close together at one end. This cause instability on uneven ground and caused the case to tip over. Newer cases now have wheels in the corners and stability has greatly improved.

One type is a two wheel trolley case. This has two wheels on two corners of the case which is then pulled along behind you at an angle. This is a good way of moving your luggage around and is quite stable. The wheels are in a fixed position so that they won’t wobble or go in the wrong direction.

The other type is a four wheel suitcase which has one or two wheels in each of the four corners. This type uses spinner wheels that can rotate around 360 degrees. They are designed to be pulled in an upright position and can be manoeuvred very easily in any direction. They are a good type to use if you have problems pulling the two wheel types.

Whichever type you decide to go for, wheels are definitely handy when walking long distances in airports!


Handles – Just Make Life Easier Through Airports!

There are usually at least one handle on most suitcases, they can be material types or a solid plastic type. Usually, there is one placed on the top of the case and one on the side. This means that you can pick it up whichever way the case is laying.

One of the best handles is the retractable handle that is fitted to trolley cases. They retract into the side of the case when not in use, but they can be extended when you want to move around. Many types have a variable retracted handle that can be extended at certain lengths depending on the user’s preference.


Designer Brands – Looking Good On Holiday!

As with many products, there are designer brands that offer a certain style or type of suitcase with their livery. The brand you choose is a personal choice, but almost every department store and some sports manufacturers have a designer suitcase in their portfolio.

The more expensive brands such as Harrods and Selfridges are very luxurious and are designed not just to hold your belongings, but also to make a statement. They often use the finest quality materials and are the most durable.

Other brands such as Hugo Boss, House of Fraser and Ted Baker are still high quality items, but they are usually a little cheaper and are slightly less luxurious. That said, they are usually good quality and can be very durable.

Price Of The Luggage Piece & Set

The price you pay for your suitcases often depends on your budget. But as with many products, the more you pay, the better quality is usually is. In terms of suitcases, the quality is usually in the material and the durability of the product along with the security of the lock etc.

The affordable end of the market will usually have a lot of choice, but the quality of the suitcases will normally be low. They will often have two wheels instead of four and may not be as durable or water resistant.

The mid-range is where you can find a good suitcase that will be durable and feature rich. While it may not have the designer logo or the highest quality materials, it will be a good example that will last a long time.

High-end suitcases are normally the branded types that will use the best materials and the most resilient built quality. They are very good products and will last many years, but that may not mean they are any better as a suitcase.


Size Of Suitcases

There are many sizes of suitcase available and it really depends on what you will be using it for. If you are a family, then the larger cases might be a good option especially those with wheels.

If you are travelling for business or just on short breaks, then you could have a smaller case that will be easier to use and move around.

You can also buy suitcases that have been designed to meet the cabin requirements that many airlines have put in place. These are great if you are taking a bag on board with you, because you will know in advance that it is the correct size.



Overall, there is a huge number of suitcases to choose from. There are different types, designs and manufacturers that all have good features and build quality. It is a personal choice which one you decide to buy, but features such as wheels, locks and durability should be the most important things to consider. Many of these features will make the journey to and from your destination much easier and safer for you and your family.