Jump Paris Uppsala Designer Bag Write Up

Nothing says sophistication and style quite like the sumptuous appearance of faux leather fabrics, and this Jump Paris Uppsala (learn more here!) suitcase with its polysuede coated polyester exterior and lined interiors epitomises elegance and glamour.

Have you ever been proud to pull a suitcase through a busy airport? With this case in hand, you definitely will as heads turn all around you to stare! Say goodbye to your drab and worn luggage set at home and say hello to the height of style with this Jump Paris Uppsala case.

Going on holiday or travelling for business should be an exercise in relaxation and calmness, and with a reliable and fashionable case in tow, you’ll be one step closer to achieving the enviable serene composure that so many people lust after! How could you say no to that feeling? How could you say “no” to knowing your belongings are safely stored and beautifully presented? All your family, friends, and business associates will be asking you where you got your luggage from in no time, and you can rest assured you’ve made an outstanding choice.

If these images aren’t enough to persuade you, maybe this list of main features will tip you over the edge:

  • Both lightweight and expandable, this case enables you to fill it up with all your clothes and belongings without becoming unmanageably heavy and awkward.
  • Four wheels with 360° range of motion so you’ll be able to pull your case along effortlessly whether in a slanted position or upright.
  • Handles are padded for extra comfort and grip with full-grain calfskin creating an ergonomic hold as well as added chic elements.
  • Interior packing straps you can use to secure all of your items down before zipping up and checking in your baggage.

This amazing case also comes with a TSA approved padlock and key for added security and peace of mind, so you never have to worry about anyone breaking into your bag and taking your things. Additionally, you’ll have loads of easily accessible space curtesy of the large front pocket. Go on, you know you want to…


Features: Lightweight and expandable – 360° wheel motion – Padded ergonomic handles – Interior lining and packing straps.

Pricing: Mid-range


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