IT Suitcase Luggage Review

If you’re looking for a lightweight case to transport all of your luggage, the IT Suitcase – from IT Luggage World – might just be the case for you (VIEW PRICE HERE!). This product offers plenty of versatility and some design feature’s that make any trip much more easier as a result.

Let’s take a closer look at what this case has to offer. This case comes in 4 different sizes but, for the purpose of this review, we are looking at the extra-large option.

Main Features

IT-LuggageThis suitcase has a lot of features that add up to a very effective and versatile design. We’ll look at some of its key features in closer detail, but here’s an overview of what this case has to offer:

  • With a 106 litre storage capacity, there’s no problem storing your items inside.
  • Similarly, it has a dimensional size of 86 x 49 x 28 cm, which makes it a reasonable size to carry around.
  • At 2.6 kg, this is a rather lightweight design, especially considering its size, which is a big benefit.
  • Additional storage compartments at the front.
  • The 4 spinner wheels – as well as the extendible handle – make manoeuvrability a hassle-free task.
  • The suitcase also comes in a range of bright, fluorescent colours. There’s no problem finding this case on a large carousel.

As you can see, you certainly get a lot for your money. The biggest selling point here is arguably its weight. Even though it has a capacity of 106 litres, its weight is rather impressive. 2.6 kg is not difficult to carry and it adds very little to the weight of your luggage. This is vital, considering how much this case can actually fit.





Using The Case

In terms of packing, the large space is ideal. There are straps to hold clothing down, as well as a separate zip-locked section in the front. For most trips and holidays – with the exception of possible long, international journeys – it’s difficult to imagine even needing a second bag.

The case also comes with 2 compartments on the front. This is ideal for separating important items, such as travel documents, that you might need later on. Having an external compartment allows for quick and easy access, without having to open the case or rummage through carefully packed luggage.

Where this case really stands out, however, is in its practicality. The extendable handle, combined with 4 handy spinner wheels, makes moving this case absolutely effortless. The handle allows for a comfortable grip, while the 4 wheels work together to glide along the floor. When your in a busy environment, such as airports, cities or hotel lobbies, the ability to move all of your luggage with minimal fuss is highly appreciated.

Likewise, the strong vibrant colours – of which there is a very large choice – is hard to ignore. More than just allowing you to compliment your existing style, the case stands out instantly. If you’ve ever tried to find your own case in a busy carousel – where everything is either black, grey or navy blue – then you will appreciate the ability to identify your own luggage instantly.



With so many features, its hard to fault the IT suitcase in terms of value and quality. Its soft shell, lightweight design really comes into effect when you have a fully loaded bag, and the ability to have the case float alongside you after a busy flight is a great way to conserve energy as you transfer between destinations. All in all, if you pack a lot of luggage and want a suitcase that won’t hinder you, you will struggle to do better than this one.



Features: 4 Spinner Wheels – Lightweight – Front Storage Compartments – Bright Colour

Pricing: High-End










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