Delsey Spinner Review

Delsey-Tuileries-SpinnerIf you’re looking for a lightweight suitcase that can store all of your possessions, then you should highly consider looking at the Delsey Tuileries Spinner 77 (VIEW PRICE HERE!). This case has a lot of practical features and is one of the best suitcases you can pick-up on the market today. Here’s a closer look at what the Delsey Spinner has to offer.

Main Features

From the start, it’s clear the Delsey Spinner 77 offers a great deal of storage, but it doesn’t let this design hinder its usefulness. Here’s an overview of all the suitcase’s great features:

  • Normally, this case has a storage capacity of 110 litres, which is impressive for its size and weight.
  • Need more space? By unzipping and extending the case, the capacity increases to 127 litres. The extra 17 litres isn’t always needed, but it’s a worthwhile feature for long trips.
  • At 77 x 49 x 32 cm – stretching to 77 x 49 x 37 cm when using the extra capacity – this case is a decent size considering its storage options.
  • At 3.4 kg, this is a surprisingly light weight case for its size, thanks to its soft shell design.
  • This case also comes with a TSA lock, which is useful when travelling to, from and within the United States.
  • The 4 spinner wheels, combined with the extendible handle, offer an easy way to manoeuvre the case around.
  • The front storage compartment is always useful, offering a place to store more important and immediate items.
    • Want some extra style? The Delsey Tuileries Spinner 77 comes in a number of different colours, allowing you to choose something that’s easier to spot on a crowded carousel.

It’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into ensuring this case is as practical as possible. Many of these features, such as the wheels and extendible storage, are designed to solve practical issues faced by many travellers.


Using The Case

With 110 litres of storage, filling this suitcase up is a challenge. Even if you do, having an extra 17 litres of space available saves the need for a second back. It’s arguably more important when travelling, as it offers some extra room for purchasing souvenirs and other items while you’re away.

Even when fully loaded, you never need to carry the strain of your luggage by yourself. The 4 spinner wheels sit firmly on the ground, with a comfortable handle within easy reach. This allows you to pull the case behind you with ease, or simply place it alongside you and glide it along the floor. When you’re tired from travelling, this feature is very much appreciated, as it makes getting around busy airports, city centres and hotel lobbies much easier than it normally is.

In terms of size and weight, it’s hard to get a soft shell case any lighter at this size. The outer shell is still durable, yet the case doesn’t look bulky or feel overweight. It’s reasonably sized – you won’t struggle to put this out of the way when you’re not travelling.



This suitcase is a luggage accessory that is full of practicality and ease of use. Its simple to use but has enough subtle features to make the experience comfortable and relaxing without making it too obvious. Of course, the fact that it can also store so much means you don’t need to rely on other bags either – this really is the only bag you need on most journeys.






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