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Top 3 Scales For Weighing Suitcases Compared

Airports can be daunting places for even the most seasoned travellers. With security personnel dotted all around, signs posted everywhere barking instructions and prohibitions, and queues that seem to go on forever, the last thing you need when travelling is to be told your suitcase is too heavy and that you will need to pay a hefty compensation fee! Who needs that embarrassment and hassle?

Human hands and judgement are no match for technology when it comes to sussing out the weight of a bag, so instead of setting yourself up for a loss, why not invest in an accurate and easy to use luggage scale? Coming in a wide range of colours, sizes, and functions, luggage scales take the uncertainty out of weighing your suitcases, ensuring you have a hitch-free journey onto your destination!

You might have experienced the embarrassment of having to reorganise and reshuffle your bags to redistribute the weight while an impatient crowd waits behind you muttering under their breath. If you know what this is like, and if you want to avoid it in the future, take a look at the top of the range luggage scales on the market today and give yourself a helping hand!


Duronic LS1008 Portable Luggage Scale Review – Our Number 1

Duronic LS1008 Portable Luggage ScaleSay goodbye to excess baggage fees and the shame of stuffing your clothes into your handbag with this product from Duronic. With ample features for ensuring ease of use and reliability, this luggage scale (view on Amazon) is the perfect tool to help you stay one step ahead of painstaking airport protocol and fines! Some of these features are listed below, so take a look:Duronic LS1008 Portable Luggage Scale Review

  • Simple digital display makes baggage weights easily readable, saving you the effort of calibrating an analogue scale.
  • Incredibly light-weight and compact enabling the user to weigh their bags even at the very last minute, ensuring the last measurement is accurate and in accordance with airline standards. You can also take it with you on holiday to ensure your souvenirs don’t push you over the limit!
  • Bags can be measured in both lb and kg, making this scale ideal for use in all areas of the world.
  • Ergonomically designed so that even heavy bags can be lifted with ease without putting yourself at risk of injury.

The Duronic luggage scale also comes with batteries allowing you to use it straight away, perfect for spontaneous travel decisions or emergencies. Each component of this device is built to last so you can be guaranteed of its durability!


Features: Clear digital display – Light-weight and Portable – Both lb and kg measurements – Ergonomic design

Pricing: High-end



FREETOO Portable Luggage Scale Review – Number 2

FREETOO Portable Luggage ScaleIf you want to put yourself at the top of the intrepid traveller ladder, ensuring your bags are under the weigh limit is of paramount importance. We know it can be stressful trying to ration yourself so that your suitcase isn’t bulging and ponderous. The FREETOO luggage scale could be the travel companion that puts an end to this stress! Check out some of its top features:FREETOO Portable Luggage Scale Review

  • Precision weight measurement of accuracy up to 0.01kg, and able to hold up to 50kgs of weight.
  • Four different unit settings (g, kg, lb, ounce) ensuring easy use in any country no matter what measurement system is in use.
  • Weighs only 90g and is very compact, allowing the user to easily fit it into bag pockets for unimpeded carrying on adventures. Never be without your luggage scale again!
  • Auto-off setting to preserve battery when not in use, even if the device is not manually switched off after use. There is also a low-battery warning light so you are never caught out in last minute situations.

The display is also located on the top of the scale so you don’t need to lift heavy bags high in order to read the measurements. The FREETOO luggage scale is here for your utter convenience, and is ideal for home use or on the go.


Features: 50KG precision capacity – Four unit settings – Compact and lightweight – Auto-off setting for battery preservation

Pricing: Mid-range



WanEway Digital Luggage Scale Review – Number 3

WanEway Digital Luggage ScaleIf you’re after a luggage scale that is the ideal balance between functionality and affordability, then look no further than the WanEway luggage scale. Picture getting the results you need in order to breeze through bag-drop for a once-off price of only a few pounds! If that sounds tempting then why not keep reading to find out about its top features:WanEway Digital Luggage Scale Review

  • Made from high-quality materials ensuring each component will do its job for years to come.
  • Ergonomic handle grip for easy lifting of even heavy suitcases and bags.
  • Clear LCD screen to make reading measurements as easy as possible so you can be confident queueing to check in your luggage.
  • Automatic shut-off feature so you’re never wasting battery life when not in use.

The days of panicking about additional airport costs are over. Why not add the WanEway luggage scale to your travel repertoire? The simple design and digital display make for a convenient user experience that won’t disappoint.


Features: High-quality components – Ergonomic grip – LCD, digital display – Automatic shut-off

Pricing: Affordable




It goes without saying that having a peace of mind in the airport makes for an altogether more enjoyable traveling experience. With a luggage scale like one of the top choices listed above, your worries about “am I over the limit?” will be eliminated! The top recommendation has got to be the Duronic LS1008 Portable luggage scale as it offers unparalleled accuracy and ease of use. Convenient to store, reset, and read, the Duronic scale will not only help you gain confidence in the airport, but will do so reliably for years!


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