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Best Luggage Straps – Reviews Of 2017 – 2018 UK

Best Luggage & Bag Straps 2017 – 2018

A luggage strap is a great way to keep your luggage secure, as well as making it easier to find in an airport. As a result, the right strap can make a big improvement to your journey experience, as well as helping to put your mind at ease. To help you make the best selection, here’s a look at 3 of the best luggage straps available on the market right now.

Neon Strength Travel Belt Luggage Strap Review – Our Number 1

Neon-StrengthThis strap offers additional security (lowest price here!) and a great way to personalise your luggage. It’s airport-friendly, stress-free and very simple to use. Here’s an overview of its unique features: 

  • At a maximum length of 78 inches, this strap can be used around a wide variety of luggage.
  • The TSA lock makes it useful for travelling to, from and within the United States.
  • A wide range of colours allows you to choose one that stands out the most, making it easy to spot in a busy airport, or simply go with your existing luggage’s style.
  • This device also has a status indicator. This is green, but if TSA inspect your luggage in turns to red. It’s an extra touch that keeps you up to date with your luggage.
  • The 3-Dial combination offers an extra level of security and can be configured easily.

As you can see, everything about the Neon Strength Travel Belt Luggage Strap is designed for ease of use, while making your luggage even more secure than it already is. The strap makes your suitcase stand out, while the handy combination dial adds an extra layer of security to help you relax while travelling.


Features: TSA Lock And Indicator – 3 Dial Combination Lock – Length Of 78 Inches

Pricing: Affordable

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TSA Luggage Strap Review – Number 2

TSA-Luggage-Strap-TopointThe TSA Luggage Strap Topoint Suitcase is built with airport security in mind. This strap has a lot of features that are designed to make the equipment practical, secure and easy to spot in a busy environment. Let’s run-down some of its more unique offerings:

  • With a maximum length of 190 cm (72 inches), this strap works with a broad range of luggage and cases.
  • The TSA lock is useful for travelling in America, making it easier for security to inspect your luggage without causing damage.
  • The 3 dial combination lock also offers extra security and can be easily reconfigured when you need a new code.
  • This strap also has an ID tag slot, which is useful if your luggage doesn’t have one and you want to identify your luggage more easily.

In short, this strap is all about offering simplicity and safety at the same time. It’s easy to use and makes your luggage stand out, which is great for busy carousels and other crowded environments.


Features: TSA Lock – 3 Dial Combination Lock – Length Of 72 Inches – ID Tag Slot

Pricing: Affordable

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Woven Luggage Straps Review – Number 3

Luggage-Straps-PersonalisedThese woven luggage straps are designed for a truly personal and unique touch. Each item is customised, but also offers a practical design that’s quick and easy to use. Here are the best features on these products:

  • The big appeal to this set is being able to get your own name – up to 20 characters – on the strap itself for instant identification and a personal touch.
  • The strap is available in both a single set and a pair, with blue and red colours to choose from as well.
  • With a maximum length of 2 metres (78 inches), this strap works across virtually all cases and luggage.
  • The lockable clasp ensures the strap easily connects and stays on.

These straps are great for anyone looking to personalise their own luggage, or want to give someone a gift. Easy to use across a range of suitcases, these straps offer versatility and personality at the same time.


Features: Lockable Clasp – Personalised Name – Length Of 78 Inches

Pricing: Mid-Range

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There are a lot of great options here, but it’s clear that the Neon Strength Travel Belt Luggage Strap deserves the top position. This strap is long, durable and secure, giving a traveller everything they could want from a strap including a lock! Easy to use with all of your luggage the sturdy design will make any trip much more stress-free.

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