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Top 3 Luggage Sets Compared – Reviews 2017 – 2018

Product Name Features Price Point Rating Visit
AmazonBasics Extra-thick ABS hard-shell – 15% expandable – Lined interior and pockets – Telescopic handle. High-end CHECK LATEST PRICE!
Aerolite 3-digit combination lock – Lined interior and packing straps – Shoe compartment – 360° swivel wheels – Airline approved sizes. Mid-range CHECK LATEST PRICE!
Merax Quiet spinner wheels – Scratch resistant ABS shell – Lined interior and organisational pockets – Regulation sizes. Affordable CHECK LATEST PRICE!

Top Rated Luggage Sets For Your Travels

If you’re a frequent traveller, and like to go on extended holidays, or if you’re part of a larger family, then it is probably worth investing in a quality luggage set that will be able to cater to your packing needs without becoming overly bulky and awkward. Have you ever considered expanding your luggage collection? There’s really no harm in it, and it will open up so many possibilities for you.

Purchasing sturdy matching suitcases can drastically change your travelling experience for the better. Imagine walking through the airport with your family, or friends, and you get separated by a bottlenecked crowd. How easy would it be to spot the rest of your group if everyone had matching suitcases? You could easily pick them out from the crowd by scanning for replicas of your own case, and before you know it, everyone’s reunited once again!

There are vast numbers of luggage companies out there offering astonishing arrays of luggage sets, and each has its pros and cons. This is a list compiled of some top choices on the market to help you in deciding where to take the plunge. Check it out:

AmazonBasics Hardside – Our Number 1

Amazon. A household name that everyone is familiar with nowadays, retailers of nearly anything under the sun. Their AmazonBasics (learn more here!) brand has brought out this hard-shell luggage set which comes in an exciting range of colours to suit different preferences, and the effectiveness of the suitcases speaks for itself. Here’s what makes this set so great:

  • Extra-thick ABS hard-shell which is scratch and impact resistant to ensure added safety and security across even the longest of travels.
  • Expandable up to 15% in case you have a few extra items or souvenirs to squeeze into your packing.
  • Lined interior, and each side is its own special compartment. The interior also boasts organiser pockets which are ideal for storing important or smaller items.
  • Telescopic handle which is adjustable and extendable to offer you the maximum comfort for your personal height and preference.

The sleek and glossy finish on these cases contributes a funky and eye-catching aesthetic which is perfect for the bold traveller with strong personal style. Let your colours show with this set from AmazonBasics and never go back to drab and boring luggage again! You won’t be disappointed with this selection.


Features: Extra-thick ABS hard-shell – 15% expandable – Lined interior and pockets – Telescopic handle.

Pricing: High-end



Aerolite Lightweight ABS – Number 2

If you’ve decided that hard-shell is the right route for you, then why not consider the Aerolite Lightweight ABS hard-shell Luggage set? The title should tell you one of the most important things for you to know: these suitcases are surprisingly light and easy to manage as well as sturdy, giving you the perfect combination of attributes for a seamless trip! Here are some additional features:

  • 3-digit built-in combination lock to give you some extra peace of mind that your belongings will arrive at your destination accounted for and in one piece.
  • Lined interior complete with a specialised shoe compartment and elasticated packing straps, enabling you to find the perfect packing arrangement for your trip requirements.
  • Four wheels with 360° swivel range allowing for effortless pulling by your side.
  • Specifically sized to meet majority of airline luggage specifications so you can avoid awkwardness and hassle when going through check-in and security.

This set offers amazing value for money and will inspire confidence in you that your packing and belongings will remain unaffected during all transits. If this sounds like an answered prayer, then add the Aerolite Lightweight 3 piece set to your shopping list as soon as possible!


Features: 3-digit combination lock – Lined interior and packing straps – Shoe compartment – 360° swivel wheels – Airline approved sizes.

Pricing: Mid-range



Merax Lightweight Hard-shell – Number 3

For the bold and fashionable traveller, the Merax Lightweight hard-shell set offers a sleek and glamorous aesthetic coupled with some brilliant features that make it clear why this set has made it onto this top-three list. Has this tantalised your travel senses? Take a look below for more:

  • Near-silent spinner wheels that allow you to glide your suitcases effortlessly and quietly through the airport, giving you a more sumptuous experience.
  • Durable and scratch-resistant hard-shell casing with embossed pattern and shiny texture, mixing style and substance to create the ideal luggage result.
  • Lined interior complete with several organisational pockets enabling you to pack your belongings in a systematic and categorized arrangement. This will also minimise items shifting during flight.
  • Each individual case is sized to majority of airline regulations, so you can breeze on through check-in without any delay

Coming in a variety of metallic colours, Merax has created a luggage set that gets the job done. With a built-in combination lock in addition to their sturdy exteriors, you can rest assured your suitcases will remain unharmed throughout your travels!


Features: Quiet spinner wheels – Scratch resistant ABS shell – Lined interior and organisational pockets – Regulation sizes.

Pricing: Affordable




Overall, it is easy to see how these three luggage sets earned their spots on this list of favourites, and each has its own individual strengths. With that in mind, the absolute top choice has got to go to the AmazonBasics Hard-side 3-piece luggage set! With unparalleled features, an exciting and bold aesthetic appeal, and a world-renowned brand name to back it up, this set is in a league of its own. If you’re willing to spend a little more on an incredible travel investment, then AmazonBasics is the way to go and you will not be disappointed.


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