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Best Luggage Sets – Reviews 2017 – 2018

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Top 3 Luggage Sets Compared

When people go shopping, we generally think about things like groceries, clothes, shoes, and other everyday essentials. We seldom think about how a solid set of suitcases can have a positive impact on our lives. Have you ever been rushing through an airport, desperately trying to make it to the terminal on the opposite end of the building before the gates close, when suddenly your suitcase handle buckles, or a wheel goes flying off to one side?

If you know the sense of panic that follows this conundrum, you’ll realise the value of a high-quality suitcase. You need not sacrifice style for function, as in the world of luggage sets, you can finally have your cake and eat it too! Never again feel stressed and lost in the middle of a busy airport when you can no longer drag your suitcase; open yourself up to some new options.

Below is a list of some of the highest rated luggage sets in stores and online today, boasting a range of impressive features and components.  If your baggage collection is in need of a facelift, then you need look no further than the selection here:


Fochier Expandable Hard Shell Luggage Set Review – Number 1

Fochier Expandable Hard Shell Luggage SetImagine seeing heads turn as you strut through the airport with your stylish silver suitcase (view on Amazon) gliding effortlessly beside you, the envy in other passengers’ eyes, and the functionality of the Fochier luggage sets. Combining security, stability, and aesthetic appeal, Fochier has conjured a luggage set suitable for the most discerning traveller. If you aren’t convinced, the key features of the suitcases will surely tempt you:Fochier Expandable Hard Shell Luggage Set Review

  • Scratch resistant and waterproof ABS&PC material guaranteeing your possessions are kept dry and undamaged throughout your journey. Equipped with TSA approved locks to further ensure security and safety.
  • All three suitcases are expandable up to 25% of their initial size, so you don’t have to worry about cramming and squeezing.
  • 360° double spinner wheels for effortless transportation.
  • 2-year warranty for that added peace of mind should anything happen to the product.

If these unbeatable features were not enough to tantalise you, the Fochier set comes in five different colours to choose from and will make you the envy of all your travel companions. It is easy to see how this set has earned the top spot on this list.


Features: Scratch and waterproof – Expandable up to 25% – 360° double spinner wheels – 2-year warranty

Pricing: High-end



VonHaus Lightweight Hard Shell Luggage Set Review – Number 2

VonHaus Lightweight Hard Shell Luggage SetIf the futuristic aesthetic is your cup of tea then this luggage set by VonHaus may be just what you’re after! Perfect for holidays, weekend getaways, or even business trips, these suitcases will allow you to travel in style and comfort whilst maintaining the safety of your belongings. What more could you ask for? Here are some of the main VonHaus features:VonHaus Lightweight Hard Shell Luggage Set Review

  • ABS hard plastic shell offering strength, stability, and durability whilst also being incredibly lightweight. This means you can travel safely and securely without being dragged down by your suitcase.
  • 360° double spinner wheels for effortless transportation, either upright or leaning, depending on your load and personal comfort.
  • Integrated combination lock for added security of knowing no one will be breaking into your bags.
  • 2-year warranty in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong.

This luggage set by VonHaus comes in three funky colours so you can select the one that best matches your personality, making the travel experience that much more fun! If you don’t believe the reviews, why not try the set out for yourself? Be amazed by the luxury VonHaus provides.


Features: ABS hard plastic shell – 360° double spinner wheels – integrated combination lock – 2-year warranty

Pricing: Mid-range



Aerolite Super Lightweight 3 Piece Luggage Set Review – Number 3

Aerolite Super Lightweight 3 Piece Luggage SetSleek, compact, and professional, the Aerolite set showcases the utmost in fashionable design combined with practicality to enable you to reach your destination without fear of mishaps taking place. Get ready for your next trip, and make sure you’re equipped with a fantastic luggage set to suit your needs. Have a look at some of the Aerolite set’s best features:Aerolite Super Lightweight 3 Piece Luggage Set Review

  • 3 separate suitcases of varied sizes, including a smaller cabin sized suitcase that fits most airline specifications.
  • Lightweight to ensure that majority of the weight you’re carrying around is made up of your possessions rather than superfluous bag parts and clumsy components.
  • Rip-resistant 600 Jacquard polyester material to keep your mind at ease that all your belongings will arrive unscathed.
  • All three suitcases have a large front zip allowing the user easy access to travel documents or other essentials that may be neatly stored in them.

If you’ve ever struggled with inconvenient luggage before, and do not want to break the bank, the Aerolite set could be the answer to your prayers. With a brand you can trust and testimonies that speak for themselves, what are you waiting for?


Features: 3 suitcases of varying sizes – Lightweight – Rip-resistant 600 Jacquard polyester – Large front zips

Pricing: Affordable




We know finding the perfect luggage set can be a daunting task with so many options on the market. That’s why this list is here to help, to make things easier! Our recommendation is the Fochier Expandable Hard Shell set. With three pieces of varying sized luggage of superb quality and function, all of your packing needs will be not only met but exceeded. Glamorous, practical, and secure, we cannot think of a better option. Can you?


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