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Best Luggage For International Travel – Reviews Of 2017 – 2018

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Samsonite 120 litre capacity – Hard Shell – 2 Wheels – TSA Lock High End CHECK LATEST PRICE!

Hauptstadtkoffer 120 litre capacity – Hard Shell – 4 Spinner Wheels – TSA Lock Mid Range CHECK LATEST PRICE!

Aerolite 116 litre capacity – Hard Shell – 8 Spinner Wheels – TSA Lock Affordable CHECK LATEST PRICE!

Best Suitcases For International Travel

When travelling internationally, the right luggage is a necessity. Whether its meeting the larger load requirements that longer trips often have, or ensuring your items survive the longer flight times and busy airport environments, your choice in luggage can make a big difference to how you enjoy your journey. To help you get the best option possible, here’s a look at 3 of the leading options available today.

Samsonite Temo Review – Our Number 1

Samsonite-Termo-YoungThe Samsonite Temo Young Upright (lowest price here!) offers a practical design built around offering as much as possible. It can store quite a lot, yet offers a case that is easy and stress-free to use. Here’s a look at some of its more unique features:

  • With a 120 litre storage capacity, there are no problems fitting all of your belongings into this case.
  • Likewise, with a dimensional size of 82 x 56 x 34, the case is a good size, considering its storage potential.
  • With a hard shell and a weight of 5.5 kg, this case keeps all of your items safe and secure from the various knocks and bumps of travelling.
  • The 2 wheels, combined with an extendible handle, make carrying this item relatively easy, as you can just pull it behind you.
  • It’s also available in a number of colours, allowing you to find something that suits your style, or simply stands out from the crowd at busy airport carousels.

Overall, the Samsonite Temo Young Upright offers some great value for money and will often be the only case you need while travelling. It’s large storage capacity is supported by a simple ease-of-use, and helps make travelling to and from airports a stress-free part of any trip.


Features: 120 litre capacity – Hard Shell – 2 Wheels – TSA Lock

Pricing: High End

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Hauptstadtkoffer Review – Number 2

HAUPTSTADTKOFFERThe Alex case from Hauptstadtkoffer offers a hardshell case that’s easy to move around airports and city environments. Thanks to its expandable design, the Alex case adapts to your situation and retains as small and convenient a frame as possible. Here’s a closer look at the Alex’s unique offerings:

  • Although small, the expandable design means that, despite being a hard shell case, the Alex case can extend to offer as much as 119 litres of storage capacity.
  • With a dimensional frame of 75 x 52 x 32 cm, this case is reasonably small, thanks to its expandable design.
  • The hard shell, as well as its weight of 5.2 kg, makes this a very safe option. The outer shell will ensure your items don’t get damaged during travel.
  • The case is very easy to manoeuvre about, even when fully loaded, thanks to its extendible handle and 4 spinner wheels. It glides along the floor with ease.
  • On the inside, there are a number of zips to help separate items, for extra organisation.
  • The Alex case comes in a truly vast range of colours, allowing anyone to find a tone that suits their style. This also helps make the case more unique at busy airports, which is ideal.

All in all, it’s hard to argue with a suitcase like the Alex. The expandable outer casing is appreciated, as you can pack light and keep a smaller case that still makes use of the wheels, handle and other easy features.


Features: 120 litre capacity – Hard Shell – 4 Spinner Wheels – TSA Lock

Pricing: Mid Range

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Aerolite Hard Shell 8 Wheel Spinner Review – Number 3

AeroliteThe Aerolite Large 29” case is designed to offer a simple, yet elegant solution for most travellers. It is a hard, protective case that offers some great features that can help in stressful situations. Here’s an overview of what it has to offer:

  • With a storage capacity of 116 litres, this offers a great solution for most packing needs.
  • Size wise, this case comes in at 81.5 x 30 x 57 cm, making it a reasonable size to carry around.
  • At 4.5 kg, this is one of the lighter hardshell suitcases available.
  • This case boasts 8 wheels, although this simply means each ‘wheel’ is actually a pair. However, combined with the retractable handle, this makes the case easy to push, pull or move along with.
  • This case comes in a couple of different colours, as well as larger 2 and 3-piece sets, allowing you to further customise your luggage.

As you can see, many of the Aerolite Large 29” Case’s features are designed with the user experience in mind. The additional wheels really help manoeuvre the case and it’s light design is very much appreciated.

Features: 116 litre capacity – Hard Shell – 8 Spinner Wheels – TSA Lock

Pricing: Affordable

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After looking at these fantastic options, the top spot belongs to the Samsonite Temo Young Upright. With the largest storage capacity and a design that is easy to pick up and use, this case makes for some very stress-free travelling. It offers a hard shell design that lets you pack your items safely, while still being easy to use.

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