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Best Inflatable Travel Pillows – Reviews 2017 – 2018

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When travelling long distances by car, plane or train, we all suffer from the same condition while trying to get some rest – Discomfort.
Most modes of public transport are not known for their extreme comfort, focusing more on efficiency rather than relaxation. Neck cramp is a common problem, however with the arrival of travel pillows, there are now several products on the market to revolutionize the way you travel. Whether it’s getting some extra shut-eye on your morning commute, or simply relaxing on the plane to your favourite holiday destination, this list will highlight the three best travel-pillows on the market today, helping you to travel in comfort and in style.

Purefly Travel Pillow (Invention of the year 2014) Review – Our Number 1

Purefly Travel PillowThis offering from Purefly (see on Amazon) is a handy and compact travel companion for any journey.
Some of its main features include:

  • Super soft micro-velvet cover
  • Machine washable cover
  • Inflate at the push of a button – can be inflated very quickly by pressing the button until the pillow reaches desired inflationPurefly Travel Pillow Review
  • Quick deflate release valve
  • Scientifically designed ‘Raised Neck Support’
  • Compact travel bag

Overall the Purefly travel pillow is a convenient and useful utility item to take on your travels.
Featuring a removable, machine washable cover, a free travel bag and an easy inflate/deflate system. Falling into the mid-range price category, this is a versatile and comfortable product.
Features: Machine washable cover – easy inflate/deflate – raised neck support – travel bag
Pricing: Mid-range


Wendsim Pillow – 3 in 1 Review – Number 2

Wendsim PillowThe Wendsim Pillow features a patented ergonomic design, making it a great addition to the list. Here’s a look at some of its main selling points

  • Ergonomic 3 in 1 chin, neck and head support – patented design for maximum comfort and stability
  • can be worn at different angles to increase comfort in the car, on the train or in the officeWendsim Pillow Review
  • carry case with easy drawstring loop
  • can be used to hold book / phone or tablet when reading or watching
  • soft touch fabric cover

The Wendsim Pillow is a great travel aid, maximizing comfort in any situation.
While it is slightly pricier (and a little bulkier) than the Purefly, it still falls into the mid-range price category and is very comfortable to use.
Features: Ergonomic 3 in 1 design – can be worn at different angles – soft touch cover
Pricing: Mid-range


The J Pillow (British invention of the year 2013) Review – Number 3

The J PillowThe J Pillow is made for commuting comfortably. Featuring a ‘U-shaped’ design, this pillow is perfect for leaning up against windows to get some sleep, but can also be used for relaxing on the sofa at home. Here are some of its best features:

  • U-shaped design supports head, chin and neck comfortably from the side
  • Winner of the British invention of the year 2013The J Pillow Review
  • Handy travel loop for attaching to hand luggage
  • Completely washable – the whole pillow can be machine washed.
  • Choose your support – Tumble dry on a low heat for a softer support feel,
    or air dry for a firmer support.
  • Folds smaller than most travel pillows for easy packing.
  • Excellent upright support for reading while laying down

The J pillow is the cheapest product on the list, but it certainly holds its own in terms of quality. The handy travel loop means that you can still carry it around easily, despite not coming with a compact bag. It’s comfortable, has good support and can be machine washed easily, making it a strong competitor.
Features: U-shaped design supports head, chin and neck – Handy travel loop – Winner of British invention of the year 2013
Pricing: Lower Mid-range



The top spot here goes to the Purefly travel pillow. With its easy inflate/deflate system, handy travel bag and micro-velvet washable cover, it certainly provides the most comfort, convenience and utility for the price range. The raised neck support means that you can travel comfortably and because it’s deflate-able it can be packed away easily in the small carry case when it’s not being used. 


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