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Best Hard Case Suitcases – Reviews 2017 – 2018

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Top 3 Hard Back Luggage Compared

Are you more of a hard or soft shell luggage kind of person? If you’ve never had hard shell luggage before then once you try it, you’ll never go back! While soft luggage can come in a vast array of styles, colours, and sizes, there is almost always the risk of your belongings getting damaged in some or other way, particularly if you are carrying fragile items.

If you’ve ever had your possessions damaged by careless handling at airports or by being tossed around in turbulence, then maybe it’s time to switch to hard shell. What’s the big difference, you might ask? Hard shell luggage is far more durable, weather resistant, and sturdy that its softer counterparts, and their compact style adds even more security to your packing.

If you’re worried about hard shell luggage being clunky and bulky, don’t be! There are so many options that are sleek and chic, acting as an aid to your travels rather than a hindrance. Put yourself and your personal items first and give them the care they deserve by investing in a piece of hard shell luggage. You will not regret it. Take a look below at some of the best hard shell suitcases out there and decide for yourself:


American Tourister Large Bon Air Suitcase Review – Our Number 1

American Tourister Large Bon Air SuitcaseProven to be excellent for longer holidays as well as short trips, the large American Tourister Bon Air (view on Amazon) is a premium quality suitcase with undeniable strength and durability. If you’re looking for a case that will keep your belongings and breakable items intact, then this is the case for you! Coming in a range of exciting colours, there is an option for everyone, and you’ll be amazed at the features the Bon Air offers:American Tourister Large Bon Air Suitcase Review

  • Integrated TSA combination lock ensures the utmost in security at all points during your travels. Never fear for your bag being broken into again!
  • Adjustable multi-stage push button locking handle to accommodate varying personal preferences, offering comfort to all.
  • 100% polypropylene for increased strength and durability.
  • Triple stud feature on side to ensure improved stability.

At the top of the list for multiple reasons, the American Tourister Large Bon Air is a suitcase for the first time traveller or the experienced adventurer. With a 91l storage volume, you will not run out of space using the Bon Air!


Features: TSA combination lock – Adjustable multi-stage handle – 100% polypropylene – Triple stud stability feature

Pricing: High-end



American Tourister Medium Bon Air Suitcase Review – Number 2

American Tourister Medium Bon Air SuitcaseThe slightly smaller counterpart to the large Bon Air, the medium version is the more compact and easily portable of the two. Ideal for shorter holidays and business trips, the medium Bon Air is just as sturdy and stable as the large, but better suited for packing fewer items, keeping them safely packaged and contained at all times. Here are some of its most important features for your consideration:American Tourister Medium Bon Air Suitcase Review

  • Integrated lockable zippers to give you that extra peace of mind when you’re away from your case.
  • Zipped divider compartments so you can easily separate your toiletries and liquids from your clothes, books, or other items, ensuring everything arrives exactly as it was sent.
  • Elasticated cross ribbons inside case to aid in securing loosely packed items, limiting shifting during transit.
  • 360° Spinner wheels for smooth rolling on many surfaces.

Like the large Bon Air, the medium also comes in numerous exciting colours so you can find one that best matches your personality. Why not get a couple of different colours so you can mix and match? If you travel frequently and for shorter periods of time, the medium Bon Air is the perfect case for you!


Features: Lockable zippers – Zipped divider compartments – Elasticated cross ribbons – 360° Spinner wheels

Pricing: Mid-range



Travelhouse ABS Hard Shell Trolley Suitcase Review – Number 3

Travelhouse ABS Hard Shell Trolley SuitcaseIf you’re after a high quality hard shell suitcase that won’t defeat the budget, look no further than this amazing case by Travelhouse. Equipped with a range of user-centric features, the Travelhouse ABS Trolley Suitcase is well-suited to any kind of trip you might need to go on. Here are those features to get you convinced:Travelhouse ABS Hard Shell Trolley Suitcase Review

  • 66l capacity, making it the ideal size for frequent travelling, enabling you to pack without having to cram your belongings.
  • Adjustable 3-level telescopic handle to ensure your utmost comfort and support, along with quiet wheels to allow friction free movement.
  • Secure your valuables with the built-in combination lock, adding extra security to the case and to your trip.
  • Lined interior with multi-use organisational pockets so your possessions do not shift too much during flights and remain compartmentalised.

You do not need to splurge in order to take advantage of amazing quality. The Travelhouse hard shell is a great case for all your travelling needs. The question you need to answer is “why not?”.


Features: 66l capacity – Adjustable 3-level telescopic handle – Quiet swivel wheels – Built-in combination lock – Organisational Pockets

Pricing: Affordable




It’s no secret why each of these cases has earned a space on this list; they have the features and functionality to outshine many other suitcases out there. When it comes to your luggage, and the safety of your belongings, it isn’t worth compromising. That is why the top recommendation off this list has to be the American Toursiter Bon Air Large Suitcase. In terms of security and durability, there is no contest, and if you want to travel unimpeded and confident, then this is definitely the right choice.


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