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Best Carry On Cabin Approved Luggage Reviews 2017 – 2018 UK

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Lightest Cabin Cases & Travel Bags To Carry-On 2017 – 2018

If you are considering a nice weekend break somewhere warm, then you will most likely be taking some luggage to carry in the cabin of the airplane. Because there are strict restrictions on the size of carry-on luggage you can take, wouldn’t it be easier if the case was the perfect size? This list features the top three cabin approved luggage that are on the market.

Samsonite Hand Luggage Review – Our Number 1

Samsonite Hand LuggageThis case (lowest price here!) is made from hard wearing materials that Samsonite has put together into a nice compact product. It has a sleek design and lots of additional features that will be ideal for the frequent traveller. Let us take a look at some of its features.

  • It has a built-in seal to limit the amount of moisture that gets into the case. This means you can take it anywhere and your clothes won’t get damaged.
  • The case is fitted with double wheels on each corner. This gives you even more stability and control then single wheels. You can transport your luggage easily over the most uneven terrain.
  • There is a stylish lined interior with cross straps to hold all your things in place. You won’t have clothes or other items sliding around and getting creased.
  • The large side pocket is big enough to hold a passport or other items you might need access too quickly. This is why this is the best suitcase for carry-on luggage.

The Samsonite Hand Luggage 34 Litres is the perfect case to travel with you on board. It has an easy access front pocket along with stable wheels and a strong retractable handle.

Features: Double Wheels – Built-in Seal – Large Side Pocket

Price: High-End

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Marseille Trolley Bag Review – Number 2

Marseille trolley bagThis bag is slightly different from other cabin cases currently on the market. It is a material trolley bag design that has a large capacity and strong stitching. It also has twin handles on the sides and a retractable handle on top so you can easily carry it around with no problem. Let us see what other features this case has to offer.

  • There is a large top section on the bag which can be easily accessed. This is ideal for those who need to get passports and other documents out quickly.
  • The main area of the bag has a large capacity so you can pack everything you will need on board. It also has internal straps to keep everything in position.
  • It has rigid sides to protect it from damage during transit, and there is also a waterproof inner lining in case the bag gets wet. These make this bag a very durable option for those looking for a carry-on bag.
  • The bags dimensions are 55x35x20cm and it weighs just 2.5kg. This is perfect for the cabin luggage requirements and ensures that your bag will be compliant.

Overall, the Marseille Trolley Bag is a nice option for people who want a more flexible case. With its large compartments and water resistant lining, it can be a valuable addition to your luggage on holiday.

Features: Water Resistant Lining – Large Compartments – Strong and Durable

Price: Mid-Range

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Karabar Monaco Review – Number 3

Karabar Monaco Cabin Approved Hard SuitcaseThis suitcase from Karabar is another nicely designed product that has had a lot of thought put into it. Not only is it the correct size for taking on-board, but it is also designed to pack a lot of things into its light and compact shell. Here are some of the cases other features.

  • The case comes with built-in handles and wheels. You can easily move around the airport and onto the plane with no effort. This makes it a great option for the business or weekend traveller.
  • This suitcase measures 54x34x20cm, giving a capacity of 31 litres and 2.2kg in weight. That is just the right dimensions to satisfy the cabin luggage restrictions.
  • You have four spinner wheels fitted to each corner of the bag. This allows you to manoeuvre the case quickly and easily even when it’s full. It also means you won’t have to hunt around for luggage trollies.
  • The light aluminium frame with integrated telescopic handle is strong and won’t bend or break. This is good because your case will be protected from bumps and knocks during your journey.

The Karabar Monaco Cabin Approved Hard Suitcase is the perfect short trip bag. It has strength as well as manoeuvrability and comes with an impressive 10 year warranty. You will get many years of reliable service from this case.

Features: Light Frame – Spinner Wheels – Only 2.2kg in Weight

Price: Affordable

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Taking a look at these three suitcases, the top spot on the list goes to the Samsonite Hand Luggage. The design is stylish and yet tough and the double wheels on each corner make it sturdy. There is also internal straps and a beautiful lining to protect your things.

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