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Best Cabin Luggage For Women 2017 – 2018 UK

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Tommy Hilfiger Well Designed – Strong Built Quality – Metal Zipper Mid-Range CHECK LATEST PRICE!

TrendStar Large Capacity – Durable Material – Integrated Trolley Frame Mid-Range CHECK LATEST PRICE!

More4bagz Water Resistant – 44 Litre Capacity – Large main compartment Affordable CHECK LATEST PRICE!

Lightest Carry-On Luggage Brands For Women 2017 – 2018 UK 

Most women will say that they need to take hand luggage on a plane when they travel. Perhaps more so than men, because they will have make-up, toiletries and other things that they will need. For this reason, a lot of carry-on luggage is aimed at the women’s market. They are often the big named brands and have a lot of compartments inside.

This list, is going to feature the top three carry-on luggage products for women. There are subtle differences between those made for the women’s market, and those for the men’s. This will become apparent in this article as you see the specific features of each one.

Tommy Hilfiger Make-Up Bag Review – Our Number 1

Tommy Hilfiger Women's POPPY MAKE UP BAGTommy Hilfiger is a big name and their products are very popular (lowest price here!). The build quality and sense of detail is very high. This is why the products that they produce are normally in the higher price range. But it is true to say that you get what you pay for and this product is worth the money. Let us take a look at the features of this bag in more detail.

  • The outer material of the bag is made from a synthetic material. This helps to keep the bag stain proof and also helps with the durability. The design of the outside is subtle but very well produced. This is what you would expect from a company such as this.
  • The inner lining of the bag is a manmade material which should be able to cope with the many things it will carry including make-up and accessories. The two pieces of the bag are well stitched and create a nice tapered look to the bag. Despite this, the bag can hold a surprising amount and will be more than big enough for the things you will need to travel.
  • The zip is metal and is made to a very high quality. This is important for a bag that may well get a lot of use over the years. The large zip tag also helps to move the zip freely from one side to the other. The other nice feature is the way the zip covers almost the whole side of the bag at each end. This gives you a bigger opening to place larger items without any problems.
  • The overall design of the bag from Tommy Hilfiger is simple but high quality. Every part of the product has been carefully designed and constructed to give the best finish.

The Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Poppy Make-Up Bag has a lot of nice touches that will make it a big hit. The high quality design and manufacture gives it a stylish look that hides its durability. This company has always created popular products made to a high standard, this make-up bag is no exception.

Features: Well Designed – Strong Built Quality – Metal Zipper

Price: Mid-range

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TrendStar Ladies Bag Review – Number 2

TrendStar Ladies Travel BagsThis is one of those very neat bags that has a trick or two up its sleeve. It is designed for those quick weekend breaks where you don’t really need to take a lot of things with you. That said though, this bag can hold a lot more than you might imagine. It also sport a nice horse print for those equestrian lovers. Let us take a look in more detail at the bags other features.

  • Weighing in at just 5kg, this bag is very light for the size. It won’t cause any problems with the luggage allowance that some airlines impose. It is also light enough that even when full, you can still move it without and problems. This is ideal for those who don’t like to travel too light.
  • There is an integral trolley frame built-in to the bag. This means that you can pull the bag behind you while you walk to your flight. It features a concealed hand rail that can be extended. This enables you to pull the bag on the two rear wheels. The wheels are solid and can cope with uneven terrain and a full bag. This demonstrates the impressive build quality that this product has to offer.
  • The large compartment has interior pockets to help you to organise the contents. It also help you to access things in a hurry such as passport or tickets. The design of the bag helps to maximise the available space so that you get more into it. It still complies with had luggage regulations however, so you can be rest assured it’s the right size.
  • The bag itself is made from a strong material construction. This gives the bag durability and some degree of water resistance. The handle is tough and there is a popper band to keep the handles together. This is a nice feature to stop the handles falling down when placed on the floor. The zippers are strong and won’t break when the bag is full. This is important, especially if the bag is bumped or knocked in transit.

Wherever you may be going, this Ladies travel bag would make the ideal companion. It has a durable material on the outside and plenty of space on the inside. The handles are well made and comfortable to use even when the bag is full. The best feature however, is the concealed trolley frame. This really makes the bag mobile and allows you to take it anywhere you want.

Features: Large Capacity – Durable Material – Integrated Trolley Frame

Price: Mid-Range

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More4bagz Backpack Review – Number 3

More4bagz Super Lightweight Cabin Approved BackpackThis backpack style cabin bag is not the usual type of bag you would think of as carry-on luggage, but it is actually very practical. It has a nice volume for all those things you want to take with you and it can be easily carried on the back. This leaves your hands free to carry other things or to hold hands if you have children. The design in sensible with pockets and support straps to help hold all the things you need in place. Let us take a look at some of the features this backpack had to offer.

  • The bag is constructed from a water resistant 600D. It is tough but very lightweight so it won’t be heavy before you fill it with your belongings. It is also tough enough so that you can take it anywhere you need to and it won’t get ripped or burst open. This is great considering the punishment bags take when travelling in the hold.
  • There is a large double zip fitted which can open up all the way down the bag. This means you can easily fit even bigger things into the bag without struggle. The zip is made from a tough plastic that won’t burst open under pressure. Because it has a double zip, you can quickly open the bag and get to things inside.
  • The total volume of the bag is 44 litres. This is more than enough to accommodate all the things you will be travelling with. It can be used as a carry-on bag, or as a main bag if you are travelling for only a few days. The best part is the dimensions of the bag – 50x40x20 cm. This is perfect for the cabin luggage requirements that are now operated by many airlines. This means you will never have to worry that the bag might be too big.
  • As well as the main compartment, there are also three front compartments and an internal organiser pocket. You will be able to place all the things you need quick access to in the front pockets without having to turn out the whole bag. You can also segregate products that might leak or break so that they are protected and don’t damage other things.
  • This bag has a number of handles and straps so you can carry it however you wish. There are shoulder straps so you can have the bag on your back. There are also rubber grips on the side and top handle. This gives you extra comfort and grip especially when it is raining. You will also find two compression straps – one on each side of the bag. They are designed to hold the contents of the bag safely in place during transit.

Overall, the More4bagz Super Lightweight Cabin Approved Backpack has a nice design that will last for many years. The strong construction and durable materials are good and should protect the contents of the bag. The large capacity of the bag belies the fact that it can hold a lot of things and won’t break or stretch.

Features: Water Resistant – 44 Litre Capacity – Large main compartment

Price: Affordable

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It is always difficult to choose a best product in these situations, because they all have features that might appeal to one, but not others. All the bags on this list have good features that will do a good job. In particular, the Ladies Trolley Bag at number 2 has the advantage of being very practical and mobile.

However, the top spot on the list goes to the Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Poppy Make-up Bag. It is well constructed using durable materials that not only make it strong, but also look very stylish. It also has a large opening and is fully lined. It is just the right size to take your essential items onto the plane without having to worry about the size. If you are looking for a well-made bag to use as carry-on luggage, then this product from Tommy Hilfiger is a good all round choice.

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