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Best Bags For Bikepacking – 3 Different Types – Reviews 2017 – 2018

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Top 3 Bicycle Bag Types Compared

Have you ever tried cycling with your phone awkwardly wedged between your hand and the handlebars? If you have, you know how precarious and annoying it can be, and if you haven’t, then imagine this: your hands are sweaty and your phone keeps threatening to slip onto the floor and under your turning wheels, your muscles are aching from the uncomfortable position and every now and then it feels like you might lose control of the steering.

Riding a bike is a fun and energetic activity that gets people outdoors, exploring nature, and getting fitter. Whether you’re a novice rider or the most skilled cyclist, there are many situations where you might find yourself needing a pocket or bag to store something. The above scenario is just one possibility, and one that could be easily remedied with the addition of a bicycle bag to your bike frame.

Bicycle bags come in many different shapes and sizes and can hold any number of different items and accessories for your optimal riding convenience. Car keys in your pocket stabbing you in the leg as you pedal? Pop them in a bike bag. Feeling tired and in need of a small snack to keep you going? Pull one out of your bike bag. Don’t feel like lugging around a bag on your back while you ride? Use a bike bag. There are so many applications for bicycle bags, and there are so many options out there.

Here are just three bags of different styles and purposes to try and meet your needs:


The Lomo 4.5l Triangle Dry Bag Review – Our Number 1

The Lomo 4.5l Triangle Dry BagIf you’re an avid mountain biker who comes into contact with rivers, streams, and mud, then this bag from Lomo (view on Amazon) is an excellent choice. It is also great for people who cycle to work or school, and subsequently need to ride their bicycle even on rainy days. It’s a people pleaser that can be utilised by all and here’s why:The Lomo 4.5l Triangle Dry Bag Review

  • It is made from PVC based material which is highly waterproof, able to keep personal items safe and dry inside without issue.
  • It is fitted with adjustable attachment loops meaning it can be secured to most bikes of most sizes, including those of children. This is one of the things that makes it so versatile and attractive as a purchase.
  • It has two compartments: one large main pocket, and a side pocket, making it easy to organise and reach your essentials. The zips are splash resistant so there is no risk of things getting soggy.

The attachment loops help to minimise drag and swing during motion, making your ride more balanced and comfortable, and the 4.5l storage capacity means you can fit a fair few bits and pieces inside easily. If this sounds like the kind of thing that could help to make your cycling experience better, you will not be disappointed.


Features: Waterproof PVC material – Adjustable attachment loops – Two spacious compartments

Pricing: High-end



The Jhua Detachable Handlebar Basket Bag Review – Number 2

The Jhua Detachable Handlebar Basket BagThis bicycle bag, although usable by any rider, is specifically well-suited to long distance rides, as its 7l storage capacity enables the rider to store larger objects such as water bottles and cameras without anything getting squashed or damaged. If you’re an aspiring nature photographer, this could be the perfect bag for holding some of your equipment. What makes it so great?The Jhua Detachable Handlebar Basket Bag Review

  • It is 100% waterproof and contains an interior lining for added protection against moisture so you can be sure your gadgets and items will be safe from water damage.
  • There are three removable and adjustable stickers which fasten the bag to your bike along with Velcro straps and buckles. In short, this bag is not going anywhere! The various straps and buckles also mean the bag can be adjusted to accommodate larger or different shaped objects.
  • It is incredibly lightweight but also durable, so you can rely on it without being weighed down by it.

Not only would this bike bag potentially make a great addition to your own bike, it could also be a lovely gift for a cycling enthusiast friend or family member. With so many functions, this innovation by Jhua is another fantastic bicycle bag option.


Features: 100% waterproof – Removable and adjustable straps, stickers and buckles – Lightweight design

Pricing: Mid-range



The B-Soul Touchscreen Bike Frame Bag Review – Number 3

The B-Soul Touchscreen Bike Frame BagThis bag has a feature that the two above do not, and that is the touchscreen window which is perfectly suited for any touchscreen phone to be slipped right in and used as if the bag was not there. This feature alone makes this bag ideal for those who use their phones a lot or are expecting a call. If you need to keep a close eye on your phone whilst riding, this is the bag for you. That isn’t the only plus however:The B-Soul Touchscreen Bike Frame Bag Review

  • It’s made of waterproof window screen and fabric ensuring your phone, and other objects remain unaffected by rain and splashes.
  • The main compartment is large enough to hold your wallet and keys, small tools, food items and many other objects.
  • The main bag showcases a double zipper system for added convenience of opening and closing on the go, as well as improved security whilst cycling.

Convenient for numerous reasons, why not pick up the B-Soul Touchscreen bag for yourself or someone you know, and transform your riding experience? If budget is of great concern to you then this option is also the friendliest on the wallet-strings, whilst still offering brilliant value.


Features: Waterproof including clear window – Large compartment – Double zipper system

Pricing: Affordable




Each of these products offers user-centric and innovative features to help create the most pleasant and convenient riding experience for you. Depending on what your goal is, why you ride, and what you need to carry with you while riding, each of these offer a unique service. Whether that be going long distances, popping to the shop, or going exploring with your iPod on full blast, your needs can  be satisfied through obtaining one of these bags. The question is, what is it you’re after?


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